Our Awesome Crew Makes Us Unique

Our Values

Our values inform the decisions we make and are in
everything we do.


We make order out of chaos.

We don’t freak out when stuff is a mess. We get to work.

We embrace constraint.

Creativity thrives within properly constructed bounds.

We show work early and often.

We have the humility and confidence to show our early ideas and listen to others’ reactions to our work and then do what we believe is right.

We provide solutions, not options.

We care about meaningful and effective work. By fully understanding the problem, we are able to present solutions with confidence.  

We do the right thing, then wait to be fired.

*We are not driven by fear. We do what we believe to be right based on what we understand, not what we think someone else might think is right.


We listen first.

We listen a lot. We ask questions a lot.

We embrace different viewpoints.

We don’t hide from conflict in order to just get the job done. We believe that a variety of thought and perspective is the recipe for success.

We are a family.

Our desire to critique and push each other comes from wanting to see each other grow. By focusing on people, we create the best work.

We believe in buy in.

A good idea isn’t a good idea until others buy into it.
Amber Marsh
UX/UI Designer
Ben Gregoire
Motion Artist
Branson Anderson 
UX Designer
Brian Garcia 
Motion / SFX Artist
Brian Russell
Brittany Schrock 
Graphic Designer
Bryan Hintz 
Art Director
Christine Gerhart 
Art Director
Eleazar Ruiz 
Senior Designer
Fred Sprinkle
Senior Motion Artist
George Siler
Junior Designer
Jake Robertson 
Senior Designer
Lydia Dahl
Production Designer
Micah Ellis 
Head of Design
Nick Kelly 
Creative Director
Owen Craft
Junior Designer
Peter Park 
Junior Designer
Reuben Evans 
Executive Producer
Shiloh Hubbard 
Art Director


Sleeping in snow caves, sailing on the bay, and backpacking in the Cascades all help us build closer relationships with those we work with.

Gear Library

Need to borrow a stand up paddle board? Snowshoes? A camera? We've got you covered.